Good Day!Let me introduce my band members for this song ,Bassist -Torro Cheng , Pianist-Eizaz Azhar , Guitarist - Voon Onn.Please excuse me for not updating the blog for a while because of my busy schedule.I being running up and down for some marketing in town.Today Im posting one of my performance video in my studio during one of my teacher's mini recital.This song called 'Really Love U' in English is made popular by Hong Kong band 'Beyond' back in the 80s and 90s.For me , I still appreciate those song during my childhood's time.I still remember those day I listened to all kind of song like New Kids on the Block , Micheal Jackson , Man Bai , Gun n Roses,Sudirman , Beyond , Alan Tam , Phantom of the Opera and etc , and it gives me a lot of good memory that I forgotten.Sometimes I feel gratitude for my career where I can enjoy listening live music from all walks of life.Honestly , people sometimes forget what is life? I seen so many people rushing for money ,building up wealth for many many years but when they achieve it in 20 years time they themselve become too stiff to enjoy life.Let's the humour decorate your life.So sit back and relax ,don't complain too much about your life , in order to bring happiness ,you must enjoy it .Happiness is not ready made ,it is an energy comes from your own action and speeches.When is the last time u said 'I Love U' to your loves one?