I was introduced to the world of western music through MJ's album, Thriller, back in 1982. One of my favourite songs is 'Man in the Mirror', a song written about society and the people around him. I grew up with Micheal ,one of my childhood favourite singer, Micheal Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009 at the age of 51 years old in Los Angeles, USA. Born as Micheal Joseph Jackson, he was a greatly talented singer, composer, dancer,choreographer, producer and businessman.He started to sing in his Jackson 5 band at the age of 5 and by age 11, MJ was a superstar. At age 13 he went solo and had his first No.1 hit "Ben" (a touching love song to a rat). MJ was one of the artists who managed to combine rock, soul ,R 'n' B and modern music in all of his songs and I think his creativity and passion has influenced the music industry in the world tremendously.MJ famous hits includes thriller, bad, beat it, man in the mirror, billie jeans,heal the world,dangerous,black or white , rock with you ,earth song and etc I remember when he was in KL, I went to Concorde Hotel and saw him walking up to his Limo. I don't treat him like an idol nor I treat him like superstar - I just respect him as an honest artist, not his personality nor his private life. Whenever bad press statements about him were released, I ignored them all and just concentrated on his music. He is a genius who brought joy and happiness to all his fans around the world. I still prefer his 80s image and I believe that this black and white (11 years old) picture is Micheal's happiest moment, his face so innocent and naive.Research had shown that Micheal Jackson billie jean's moonwalking is more well-known that the first man walking on moon by American Astronaut Neil Armstrong.MJ had more than 700 million fans in the world.He is one of the few artist in the world who awarded the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice and a multiple Guiness World Record for the highest record sold and most successful entertainer at all time. Although he is no longer around but his songs will live forever.Your music will never die. May you rest in peace, King Of Pop!

Mama Treble Clef Studio would like to thank all students who performed at Teacher Zen Lee's mini recital on the 13th of June 2009. About 20 violin and piano students under Teacher Zen Lee participated in the recital and it is a good experience to all the new performers who showed a lot of courage in playing. All students performed well and did their best to showcase their talents. We would like to thank all parents for their unconditional support and encouragement towards their children. Well done to Koh Zi Xuan, Koh Hui Xian, Brian Lock , Yann Fuu, Eaimman, Qistina, Chow Catherine, Eve Ng, Lian Nikki & Lian Vickki, Preston Tan, Chee Wen Yi, Helena, Ker Yee Chien, Leong Xin Yi . Please remember, practise makes perfect. To Teacher Zen Lee; keep up the good teaching - music education requires a lot of collaboration and understanding between the teacher, school, parents and students. May this mini recital give your students more inspiration and motivation towards their music education. The recital ended with a guitar and vocal performance by Mr. Eizaz and Mr. Voon Onn singing 'Kau Ilhamku'.
*Picture by Ellie Chea
Together we make music education accessible to everyone!

Hey you all, Brien signing on again... Well, a couple of updates, the WCOPA competition is over and well, iunfortunately yours truly is not on a plane to Hollywood in July. But it was a memorable experience neverthe less and I certainly made some great friends... OK, now to all the followers of Mama Treble's Blog, there is a music competition going on at Sunway Convention Center on August 29th. Closing date for entries is on 10th July. For Everything to do with it visit http://www.myof.org.my/ The sum of it is that it is a music competition for all instruments including piano, voice, guitar, and percussion, and it has several categories of competition ranging from Preliminary Grade till above Diploma. Genre is classical or Modren /JAzz, in Solo or chamber ensembles. Well on a personal note, now i'm on holiday and enjoying myself. :-) MUsic lives forever... Singing out now, Brien Chia

From left Organising Chairman Mr G.T Tan, Deputy Education Minister Dato Wee Ka Siong, Secretary General of MCA Dato Wong Foon Meng, Principal of Mama Treble Clef Studio Ms Allicia Lim and MCA Youth Selangor Dr Kow Cheong Wei posing a picture after the souvenir presentation to co-sponsor and co-organiser for 'A Green Symphony' concert on 7/6/09 at Segi University. The concert was attended by a 1000 strong crowd held in-conjunction with the World Enviroment Day and jointly organised by MCA Selangor Youth, CMG Sound And Light, Pro-Star, Segi University College, ER Studios and Mama Treble Clef Studio. The concert entitled 'Movie Spectacular' attracted many music lovers from around Klang Valley. "I have seen many orchestras before but I never felt this excitement especially the Star Wars theme song, amazing! Two thumbs up!" - Ms Lai from Damansara "A once in a lifetime concert, world class musicians with wonderful theme songs" - Mr Hisham Ali from Ampang "Normally I see the orchestra with my wife and I feel sleepy but this concert made me excited!" - Mr David Lee from Rawang

Thank you all music lovers! The planet would be very lonely without you. Your enthusiasm and effort is the greatest merit of all - may this concert will bring you to another level of success. Together we shall make music education accessible to all Malaysians.

Wonderful voice! Oskar Musaev singing 'Believe' from The Polar Express Soundtrack during 'A Green Symphony' concert in Segi Unversity College recently. The song 'Believe' was written by Glen Ballard and Alan Silvestri was nominated for Best Original Song at the 77th Academy awards, sung at the 77th Academy Awards show by Josh Groban with Beyonces Knowles. It gained a Grammy Award in 2006. Mr. Oskar, I don't think you sound like Josh Groban but you sound better than him with your own style.

For the concert, it ended with a memorable experience when everybody was overwhelmed by the acoustic sound of the music performed. I personally feel very touched with the commitment and passion shown by all musicians. My daughter asked me to buy the Phantom of the Opera and Jurassic Park DVD after the concert - do you see how influential music is? Music had generated positive energy to the audience and brought happiness to all on that night. This the right way, to everybody let go of rank and file to enjoy the music. Seconds seem like hours, do you remember the movie 'Titanic'? The last part when the ship completely sank? Remember 5 musicians still playing double bass and violin untill the last moment, giving their best performance to the panicking crowd running upside down? You may think this only happens in movie but I don't think so... I believe these kind of musicians are out there. A Green Symphony musicians are part of them. Finally, after 3 months of preparation, the concert is over with success. You guys keep up the good work, one day you will become a shining star. A heartfelt thanks to all who made this happen:

Dr. Kow, G.T. Tan, Allicia Lim, Mayya Musaeva, Oskar Musaev, Eizaz, Kevin Tew, Dat'o Chia, Wong, William, Buck, Alice Wong, Sook Luan, Jasmine, Mrs Tan, Chee Seng, San San, Dato' Kayoom, Datin Sarah, Jason Kok, Mandy Kaw, Mr Quah, Mee Ling, Leng Li, Retallick and many more. I salute you. Thank you for your unconditional support towards this concert. Together we make music education accessible to every Malaysian

-Ray Lee