Yesterday is Teacher Alice Wong Musikgarten Mini Recital proudly present by Mama Treble Clef Studio.The participants seem to be very excited before their performance.We have kids as small as 5 years performing in this mini recital.We are proud to see all of them play very well, and the most important is the commitment and passion they shown during their performance.We would like to thanks the parents for their precious time and unconditional support towards the school and the children.With the co-operation between parents ,teachers and the school management towards Musikgarten programme ,we believe we can create a better understanding and inspiration among the students.We also would like to thank teacher Alice Wong for her great teaching and commitment toward this programme as well.Lastly to all participants -Goh Li Zhe , Lee Zi Jing , Hazel Chan , Lai Jing Ern , Eugene Phang , Chan Li Yen and Goh Li Fang keep up the good works and remember practise makes perfect.Together we make music education accessible to everyone.Thank you!

A Green Symphony, a musical concert that will be shown this coming 7th June 2009 did a Publicity & Awareness Campaign in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. The main objective of the campaign is to create awareness to the public about this event. I’m sure the show will be a great show & those who will be joining, will definitely enjoy themselves there.The campaign was pretty happening & hot yesterday. 8TV crew members also came to make the campaign more merrier with some contest going on in Jaya One and if you win the contest, you’ll get some prizes, cool? Yea, it is..The performance started by Madam Mayya Musaeva on keyboard and 2 violinist. Then there was a brass band that played few songs and followed by Mayya Musaeva by playing the violin. She played superb sound with the violin.It was indeed a fun & exciting preview with with the musicians. If you’re keen to join the musical concert,
do visit the “A Green Symphony” official blog now and get your ticket. The cheapest ticket for the night is only RM10!! The concert will beheld at Segi College, Kota Damansara, 7th June 2009.Later on, the last performance by Eizaz Azhar and the band made the entire place even high & hot by playing funky & modern music. It was all about the music and the entire lead musician was Eizaz Azhar. He played the saxophone & clarinet yesterday and everyone enjoyed the show.

Wilson Lema or 'Southern Spirit' was born in Ecuador, South America and is currently living in New York, USA. He is a full time performer for 12 years and has given many performances throughout USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. His major is in 3 instruments; the quena, quenacho, pan flute and cidar flute, all of them made of bamboo and cedar wood. The native American Flute is an instrument known for its simplicity, it focuses more in the spiritual realm than the technical. There's liberation in its limited five hole construction which frees the player to focus on deep levels of expression. His music ranges from pop, native American and Inca melodies. Basically his songs sound very traditional, soothing and soulful and are normally recorded in Nashville,Tennessee USA. His famous hits includes "Ancient Dreams", "Cherokee River", "Inca Trail", "Sacred Love" and "Dreams Of The Wind". His music is a testiment of his life and his ancestors. We hope that these songs serve as a tribute to the past and mother earth. May the hunting sound of the native American flute inspires you to step back from the busy world and contemplate the deep and lasting truths of our existance.

(picture shows the RTM2 crew shooting a TV programme with Brien Chia playing his clarinet for the World Stars: Road to Hollywood reality show recently. Brien Chia was one of the finalists for this programme and outclassed hundreds of hopefuls nationwide. For everybody's information Brien Chia is also a first clarinettist for the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and is talented in other instruments like guitar,p iano, saxophone and keyboard. Mama Treble Clef Studio Firstly, I'd like to introduce myself. You could call me Brien, and I'm a saxophone and clarinet teacher who's really proud to be affiliated with Mama Treble Clef Studios. I'm writing this to thank Mama Treble for inviting to be a contributor to their blog. As perhaps some of you may have known, Mama Treble Clef Studios has been expanding online. just google it to find out! And i am deeply honored to be able to contribute to this important development. How should i start? NOw as you can perhaps infer from the posts below mine, Mama Treble Clef Studios has been getting really active in providing quality oppurtunities for budding Malaysian music lovers to further learn, perform, and enjoy music, from all around the globe. My congrats to Miss Grace and her proteges for their successful event! Now isn't sharing the music what we all strive so hard for? Now, as for me, I've had a long and fruitful relationship with Mama Treble Clef Studios, and am assured with its quality of service, classes, and even sales! we here at Mama Treble Clef Studios emphasize on the upmost enjoyment and effectiveness in our teaching, and we strive to make sure that you, the student, or fellow performer, or concert attendee, or wannabe student, enjoy the best results and most memorable experiences from learning or playing or jamming with us. So, with the Upcoming "A Green Symphony" concert just around the corner, i'd urge all of you who so happen to glance by this blog, to come, and help us, and yourself, make music. signing out, Brien

Teacher Grace Tan Mini Recital organised by Mama Treble Clef Studio. The purpose for this mini recital is to encourage all the young students to perform in front of a crowd and at the same time gather around to discuss their passion and enthusiasm on violin education. We always emphasize on music students gathering, enable them to make friends and to form an ensemble or a band. Every teacher from Mama Treble Clef Studio will arrange a mini concert twice a year. From this mini recital , we can see them practise endlessly and try their best to face the crowd. We always believe that music education will grow based on four aspects;
1) Teacher. A teacher's role is to teach, inspire and correct mistakes.
2) Music School. The centre/school will give them a proper venue, motivation, organise concerts & workshops.
3) Friends. Friends give them support, offer companionship and become an audience.
4) Parents. Parents also give them encouragement, support and financial back up. These four aspects will either make or break the student, not only in music education but also towards other subjects.
Photo 2 - The principal of Mama Treble Clef Studio presenting a bouquet of flowers to Teacher Grace Tan after the mini recital. The participants also received a certificate of attendance from Allicia Lim. We would like to thank all the students, parents and teachers who took part in this recital. Thank you to Sook Luan, Voon Onn, Cheng Ping Xuan, Allicia, Grace Tan, Goh Li Fang, Qisthina, Chai Wei Qi, Kenneth Chin, Chia Tze San, Kevin Wong, Hooi Ching, Hui En, Eng Shen, Mandy Lee, Matthew Lee, Anindya and Eka. You played very well and keep up the good work!
Remember practice makes perfect. Cheers!

This video was taken during our joint sponsorship with Standard Chartered Bank on 28th April 2009 at Sekolah Menengah Pendidikan Khas Cacat Penglihatan, Setapak. Eizaz has fun with the blind students and jams the John Lennon song 'Let It Be' without any rehearsal. The students really can play just by hearing along without mising any beats. All of them looks so excited for the next song!

These blind students are gifted with improvisation skills but for those out there, blessed with healthy eyes, please utilise it and don't create excuses that you have no time to practise. No time to read score, no time to polish or maintain your instruments, no time to perform, too shy to play - then what's the point of you coming for music lessons? If really force by parents and merely come to fulfill your parents wish, then you are just fooling around with time and money. We are here to teach you not only to play music but to become more indepedent in whatever you do. Treat music education as like your daily life. If you can create thousands of excuses not to practise your instruments than you also can create thousand of excuses not to do your school homework. If you can create excuses not to attend music class than you can create excuses for something else. So often, we hear from students ,"I want to stop music class because of school exams," and then they dissappear forever.They create excuse. How many students are really fall in love and understand music? Even the parents themselves create excuses and support their children. Now we know why Malaysia never produces champions in any fields, because to become a champion y ou must go through a lot of hard work and obstacles. Never give up under any circumstances.

We are not here not to teach you to create excuses, but we are here to teach you to become a problem solver! Your string just broke? Try to fix it by yourself. Instruments out of tune? Try to tune it yourself.

Never say the words, "don't know", "cannot", "not sure", "very hard" etc. These words will lead you to nowhere. You must say, "I will try my best", "OK", "no problem", "I'll check it out". These are positive words that lead you to somewhere. Imagine a blind man can play better than you? What is your excuse? Believe me, a little change will bring you tremendous results.

Well Done! Eizaz and Toro Cheng playing saxophone and piano respectively during the TV2 programme 'A Jazz Tribute to Malaysian Songs' in front of the Information and Cultre, Art and Heritage Minister live.