Liebesfreud (Love's Joy) by the Austrian composer Fritz Kreisler. Performed by Igor Palchikov and Eizaz Azhar in a contemporary arrangement. Recorded in ER Studios. Igor Palchikov: Violin & Arrangement / Eizaz Azhar: Bass, Guitar, Drums.

Couple of years ago when I was introduced by Mr Eizaz about this multi-instrumentalist band from Japan , T-Square , I was amazed by their song.Their song is so melodic and rhythmic with fusion inspiration.T-Square is a Japanese jazz fusion band that was formed in 1978. Its most successful lineup included guitarist Masahiro Andoh, bassist Mitsuru Sutoh, saxophonist, flutist and EWI player Takeshi Itoh, keyboardist Hirotaka Izumi, and drummer Hiroyuki Noritake. They are known for songs such as Truth, Japanese Soul Brothers, Takarajima, and Omens of Love among others. Truth was used as the theme for Japan's Formula One (F1) racing events from 1989 to 2000.The band also famous in composing many video games song such as 'Need for Speed'.

Since the band had composed many car racing song I decided to shoot my BMW car during a holiday trip to Genting Highland and I choose this ' Freedom to Win' song to merge with the video.Is really works!This song really blends with the video clip and the outcome is awesome! If you notice, there's a lot of guitar solo or heavy distortion in most of the racing ,explosive,war or any action pack movie such as Transformer -Linkin Park ,Apollo 13-Aerosmith ,Fast and Furious- Limp Bizkit.The effect of electric guitar sounds makes those movie more lively and excited.In US market ,there's a huge market for Rock and Roll band and the demand keep on increasing due to huge Hollywood movie's market.Every year ,more than a dozen of Rock and Roll band become millionaire due to their song composition around the globe.Band like Linkin Park , Green Day , Maroon 5 , Glay (Japanese) ,U2 , Metallica , Gun and Roses ,Beyond (Hong Kong) , Peter Pan (Indonesia), Paradox (Thailand) and many more had build up their fortune in few years time.So sit back and relax, enjoy this clip with Freedom to Win!