We would like to take this opportunity to wish all students, parents ,teachers and music lovers a Happy Lunar New Year.May the year of rabbit u will bless with health , wealth and wisdom.May all of you have a wonderful weekend and drive safely.Please be informed that our music school will be off throughout this Lunar New Year on the 2nd February 2011 (Wednesday) to 8th February 2011 (Tuesday) respectively.Classes will resume as usual on the 9th February 2011(Wednesday) , Happy Holiday!


May all your dreams come true , may this year u will bless with good health and happiness.Have a wonderful musical New Year! Once again thank you to all parents, students, customers, associates and music lovers who keep on supporting us in year 2010.We will work harder in 2011 and make MAMA TREBLE CLEF STUDIO a one stop musical instruments hub in Malaysia.This year is coming to 9th years of MAMA TREBLE CLEF STUDIO establishment and we feel very honour to see a tremendous grow in our company.From a very humble music studio open in December year 2002 with 20 students and now we have grow to 350 students and the figure is keep on growing.From 6 pcs of guitars and now we manage to import more than 1000 guitars in a month.We also become a few international brand distributors such as Supersensitive USA , Artec Sounds Korea, President USA, Olympia Korea , Wittner Germany , Tokai Japan , ESP Japan and many more.The distribution of the guitars and others instruments had reach as far as Singapore and Indonesia.Currently we have over 50 dealers through out Malaysia and the number is stii growing.U can even see many good publicity about our company in organising concert , making Youtube video and Mr Eizaz Azhar had successfully become the one and only multi-instrumentalist in Malaysia.He been interviewed kive by Malaysia Hari Ini recently at TV3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j31IAm7uavw
From organising a mini concert to a huge and extragavanza green syhmpony orchestra in year 2009.With the support of the Malaysia Ministry of Education and Tourism , we have successfully gather 1000 spectators to attend our Green Symphony concert in Segi University.With the participants of 40 over classical musician , this concert has been making headlines in all the local newspaper.We also participant in many charity concert with many charity home such as Rumah Cacat Penglihatan Setapak .We are grattitude towards all our music teachers who are participate in making this concert possible.Thank you.Once again , making music education accessible to everyone in Malaysia is our dream , a dream that give more people a healthy activities and make music become part of their life style.Happy 2011...cheers!