Good Day to all parents, friends and students! I would like to share with you about this recording. Shot 6 months ago,me and my 2 daughters, Lee Shen Shuen 3 1/2 years old, Lee Shen Yi 7 1/2 years old and Lee Voon Onn (my youngest brother) were jamming in ER Studios. At first I decided to have a quick jam with my brother and suddenly Shen Shuen grabbed the mic and said she want to join us. Without any hesitation we welcome her. She suggested that she want to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, so we find the chord and for the first time she can come in without any errors! We just continued... And she followed the rhythm and finished the whole song. We are surprised at her ability in catching up the melody of the music. She sings well, we never train her to do so. We never push her to learn any instruments and always let her be herself (except learning Musikgarten). At Mama Treble Clef Studio we always believe that, sometimes the unconditional love given by the parents has the capability to make your children become independent. Your love has the ability to inspire them to become more creative and to make them more vibrant. Don't ask for return when you give or buy them things, your kids are not a tool for investment. Look at below for a better understanding in nuturing your child in music education:

1) Never belittle your child’s efforts. 2) Don’t threaten to stop his lessons if he doesn’t practice. Threats can work during periods of high motivation in music but may boomerang during a “growing pain” period. The day may come when he will remind you of your threat and insist that you make good on it. 3) Don’t criticize your child in the presence of others, especially the teacher. The teacher has skillfully built up a good relationship with your child, and his loss of face will tend to undermine it. Speak to the teacher, and only the teacher, privately about problems. 4) Your financial investment in your child’s music lessons pays its dividends through the skills he acquires over the years, not by the amount of his classes, nor in how much he plays for you or your guests. 5) Remember you are giving your child a music education for his artistic use, for his self-expression and development, and for his pleasure. Don’t expect him as a child to be grateful for your sacrifices. 6) Try not to prevent your child from upgrading his or her instrument when the instrument cannot cope with the child's capabilities. Doing so will only result in slowing down the child's progress - if the parent has doubts, a brief discussion with the principal is encouraged. 7) The child's gratitude will come years later when he or she can play and enjoy music as an adult.

8) Respect their decision. Make them feel that you give them right to choose and speak.

9) Not to pamper them with rewards in everything they do. They will end up materialistic.

10) Don't criticise others in front of your children and vice versa, you will potray yourself as a sarcastic and hypocrite.

These golden rules not only make your child to become good in music education but as a human being. Let them grown up to become a person who can contribute his or her wisdom and intelligent to the society, not someone who abuses his or her wisdom and intelligence as selfish individual. Thank you for viewing!

* Lee Shen Shuen is using a Samson Q8 microphone