Due to the overwhelming number of requests I have received, I have decided to put up the song Untukmu Malaysia/Baktiku Hanya Untukmu in a minus sax version for download. And yes, it's free... I apologise for not being able to produce a score as I played the song by ear the whole way through (not to mention a spontaneous solo) but you should be able to get the cues from the video clip! Thank you for all your kind comments and I will do better the next time round as well as creating more play-along tracks and videos for your viewing/playing/listening/profiteering/leeching/illegally selling pleasure. Feel free to post comments or even a video response of your own playing and have fun! Here's the link; http://rapidshare.com/files/295580032/Untukmu.mp3

-Eizaz Azhar


Brien Chia said...

coolness man!

you must have shot to stardom!