If you want your musical instrument to perform well, you should take good care of it. It does not matter whether is a cheap or expensive violins, thus it makes perfect sense that you should also learn how to properly maintain it.If you really love music education ,taking care violin is just like taking care your body.Appreciate your violin ,don't treat it like toys.This is an instruments that gives you unforgettable sounds.Wait for the next post for violin maintenance.Have a nice day!


xakmalx said...

i have the cheap violin.(santa cruz)
i bought at rm 205, 4 month ago.im diy player. no teacher and also cant read music sheet
im trainig with midi file.

my g string violin not clear. what i can do??

i also dont know how to taking care my violin. im waiting for u next post. haha

i think i want buy the electric violin. what u think and what brand i can choose?? .. my budget under 1k.

sorry for my bad english