Good day! I would like to share my journey to Hong Kong and China last weeks with all MTCS students, teachers and customers.First of all the mission is to visit the 12th China Musical Instruments exhibition.Before the exhibition we stop at London based Hong Kong's Madam Tussuad Wax Musuem.A day trip to Hong Kong is quite fun because of the tight schedule and cold weather. We manage to visit the musuem at 12.30pm ,about an hour ago after we landed Chep Lap Kok International airport.Is very convenient to travel in HK with systematic transportation network like MTR and City buses.The people they is very informative and quite helpful.We spend almost 3 hour at the musuem .Is an eye -opener for us , the wax statue is so real and we can't believe our eyes.Many celebraties, sportmans , statemans and legends were display there.Among them is Princess Diana, Mahamat Gandhi , Hitler, Angelina Jolie , Brad Pitt , Maddona , Mozarts ,Micheal Jackson , Elvis Presley , The Beatles ,Anita Mui , Jacky Chan , Bruce Lee , Tiger Woods and many more.We manage to take every picture with all of them.It looks so real and their craftsmanship is the finest in the world.You can't stop taking picture with them.After an amazing journey in the different attraction halls,we check out the the peak for the superb panoramic view of HK city.Later, we went to the Victoria harbour by The Star Ferry service, founded in 1888, and provides scenic views of Hong Kong's skyline for its 53,000 daily passengers to view the most popular HK TVB movie scene - Hong Kong Victoria harbour skyline.Then we took a train to China at night.
A day later we went to the exhibition hall for the World Musical Instruments exhibition , where about 350 musical instruments manufacturer, supplier, retailer ,lovers and entrepreneurs from all over China , Europe and USA had exhibit their products there.Many of the world's top brand like P.Mauriat , Selmer ,Fender ,Gibson , Cremona violins , Marshall ,Steinway and sons had their latest products display there.We can see gu-zheng , er-hu, violins , guitars, drums, pianos , woodwinds like saxophone, tuba , clarinets, African percussion , piano accessories , music books, flutes , accordion and many more.You name it , you see it.We are amaze to see their enthusiastism towards music.Everywhere people play, listen ,appreciate music .Non stop action and movement,from thousand of violins and guitars to hundreds set of drums, from classical voice to heavy distortion effect.This exhibitions is really for hard core musicians like all of you.Musicians are free to test all instruments there.You can test all violins , saxophones ,guitars and drums there and nobody going to stop u. Just whack whatever u like.I can just simply instruct any musician there for demonstration and they feel happy for it.I remember I have just call a young man to test the soprano saxophone from one of the manufacturer booth from Tianjin. Without any hesitation , he just grab the saxophone and play it , wow! This is awesome! You have a lot of freedom there.The manufacturer is happy to see you testing theirs instruments in his booth because your demo can help them sells their products.I think this is the right way in doing musical instruments business.Let the musician have unlimited test but there must be a mutual understanding where you can't simply playing around or making fun of their instruments.Belittle the instruments , sarcastism and criticism among the customers had prevented many Malaysian musical instruments entrepreneurs in Kuala Lumpur in practicing this method. In the afternoon we have stop at this Italian Luthier Marco Piccinotti violins booth and we manage to have a chat with him.He is friendly and outgoing.He invite us to his hometown in San Polo D'enza , Italy.Piccinotti is one of the top ten violin luthier in Italy where he inherited his family skills-the art of making violins.His violins price range from USD 10,000 to USD 50,000.Piccinotti is the one who try to venture the Chinese market and he even created name card ,brochure and leaflet with Chinese characters.Besides him, we met a Malaysian , Mr Lim -he is the supplier for African drums and percussions.He love African instruments and his passion towards this instruments is in infinity.He started to venture this business since 3-4 years ago and he is influcing the mainland Chinese to love the African instruments like djembes, mandinka and ngoma drums. In this expo,we manage to see a lot of latest products like the digital disc piano , colourful violins , digital accordion , digital er hu , antique violins ,latest digital tuner , distortion, stagg amplifiers, concert grand piano and many more.Of course we never seen so many music exhibitors in Malaysia before , is only happen in China , Germany & the America! For all your information , China is the biggest musical instruments manufacturer in the world now.Pearl River is the most sell-able pianos in the world and the music industry there is growing tremendously.With support of 1.5 billion people and their government together with one child policy, every parents are giving their child the best education and music education is part of their menu.I hope one day , Malaysia will have this scenario where all musicians can find their heaven here - variety of musical instrument exhibitors at same roof.We need more music educators, lovers and entrepreneurs to contribute towards Malaysia music industry especially the music education progress.Let's think about the bigger picture and work towards a better Malaysia. For us , is a great experience to visit this expo and will come back again next year.Together we make music education accessible to everyone.