Scarlatti violin factory visit to Tianjin, China and we manage to complete another violin making courses .This trip is invited by the owner of the violin factory , Mr Deng of The Xiosheng violin factory of Tianjin.The weather here is about 14 Celsius during our visit and we are so amazed by the violin maker enthusiasm towards their job.The violin factory have about 58 workers and divided to a few departments.They have Luthier , carpentry , vanish , spraying, storage and QC department.I must say , they are very professional in handling their job.Everyday they received orders from all over the world.Is our great pleasure to meet a few famous luthier during our visit to China and they willing to share with us all the tips in the art of making violins.The factory can produce approximately 500 violins a day.Indeed is our honour to visit this factory and looking forward to come back here again.


Tanisha Chowdhury said...

Thanks a lot for this post.Hi everybody,,,I'm a student & my hobby is playing Violin.Last week i've bought a Violin from