Pix 1. Lee & Allicia , the founders of Mama Treble Clef Studio
Pix 2. International Steinway & Sons piano artist Adam Gyorgy from Hungary having a chat with MTCS principal Ms. Allicia Lim
Pix 1. Allicia Lim with Ms Karin Greenhead , Principal Lecturer in Dalcroze Eurhthmics, Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, United Kingdom.
Pix 2. Lee having a chat with Prime Minister Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at Education Exhibition in PWTC 2006
Pix 3. Lee with former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir
Company Profile
MAMA TREBLE CLEF STUDIO was founded in the year 2002. As of today, the establishment consists of over 300 music students, and a dedicated team of staff willing to take on any challenge. Mama Treble Clef Studio offers a comprehensive list of music courses, event management, recording , performing, musical instruments trading and talents training.Our established music examination all under international bodies such as the Musikgarten USA ,Trinity London, Kodaly Australia,London College of Music ,ABRSM schools of music from United Kingdom. We provide comprehensive of music lesson like piano, violin, guitar, keyboard, musikgarten , saxophone, flute, clarinet, drum and percussion.
Pix 1. Recording and Jamming Studio
Pix 2. Ms Alice Wong having an enjoyable time with her Cycle of Season students
Pix 1. Merdeka Celebration with students and parentsPix 2-Mr Eizaz Azhar , the multi-instrumentalist & first clarinettist of Malaysia
Pix 2. Mr Eizaz Azhar , the multi-instrumentalist & first clarinettist of Malaysia
National Youth Orchestra (Orkestra Simfoni Remaja)
It is our great honour to have Mr Eizaz Azhar, teacher and supervisor of Mama Treble Clef Studio appointed as Principal Clarinet to the National Youth Symphony Orchestra. A young and talented multi-instrumentalist, Mr Eizaz Azhar is plays Clarinet, Digital & Acoustic Drum, Flute, Saxophone, Bass Guitar, Keyboard and Piano. From left: Ms Allicia Lim, principal of Mama Treble Clef Studio; Ms Azy, Clarinet player; Mr Eizaz Azhar, National Youth Symphony Orcherstra First Clarinettist.
Pix 1. Mr Eizaz Azhar & Mr Alfyan at Istana Budaya
Pix 2. From left Mr. Eizaz Azhar , Ms. Mayya Musaeva, OSR Conductor, Mr.Mustafa Fuzer Nawi, NSO Conductor. Picture taken at Istana Budaya.
Pix 1. Mr Eizaz Azhar jamming with his friends at Istana Budaya
Pix 2. Eizaz with Simon Phillips, the world renowned drummer for super groups such as Toto, Steve Vai, Olivia Newton Jones.

THE INCA MELODY..... MAMA TREBLE CLEF STUDIO proudly presents Mr.Wilson Lema, an American also known by his Native American name 'Southern Spirit', is a performer at his own country with rich traditional music. Born in Equador, Wilson has played his instruments for over 12 years and has given many performances throughout the United States from San Francisco to Manhattan, Europe , Asia and Malaysia. His three main instruments, the Quena, Panflute and Sidir, all descendants of Native American instruments are all used to perform his music which ranges from popular hits to ancient Red Indian and Inca melodies. He now lives in New York as a performer. "I come here to promote my lovely traditional Inca song to all of you. I hope these songs serve as a tribute to the past, to our mother earth and the great spirit", said Wilson. We at MAMA TREBLE CLEF STUDIO are proud to present Mr.Wilson "Southern Spirit" Lema.

Pix 2. Mr Wilson Lema posing with MTCS staff and students after his mini-recital

MTCS 2008 Concert Theme Black & White
Pix 1. Clarinet Trio by Azy , Brien and Eizaz
Pix 2. Piano solo by Foo Cheng Shin and Chin Kar Men
Pix 1. Excellent performance by Kevin Wong and Grace Tan on violin
Pix 2. Brien Chia from Malaysia Philharmonic Youth Orchestra on clarinet and Eizaz Azhar on keyboard
Pix 1. Ms Allicia Lim conducting the children choir during the 2008 concert

Pix 2. Wong Hui En and Mr Lim
Pix 3. Brien Chia on clarinet solo


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