Pix 1 Mr Wilson Lema from Ecuador playing his traditional instrument, Quena .Believe me,his music will calm your soul. Pix 2 The Casablanca showing their skill in alternative rock. Pix 1-The Double Abuse performing their superb sweet child O mine from Guns 'n' Roses and Reptilia from The Strokes.The band members are Sharifah on drum , Syabil on lead guitar and vocal. Pix 2-The Crazy Avenue band, Eizaz on drum, Mikeru on vocal, Jay on lead guitar/back-up vocal, Evan on rhythm Guitar, Biff on Bass. Oops....why Micheal Jackson come to Rock Concert? I think he's so desperate for job now.Everybody listen to Rock nobody listen to his song. Mikeru on vocal ...singing Stay away.Amazing performance. Pix1 -Band members waiting for their turn on stage. Pix 2-The crowd waiting for their idol on stage. Pix 1-The Crazy Avenue band member , Evan with his designer wear from Isocks.Cool .....they perfrom Laruku's song Stay Away and Mika Nakashima's Glamorous sky.One of the best dress at Rock Out 2008,Congratulation! Pix 2-Supporters waiting for their favourite band to perform. Pix 1-Evan .....is the man. Pix2-The Octane...Ming Hui on vocal , Seng Chai on guitar and Eizaz on Drum MTCS Teacher's Club playing the complicated T-Square and Casiopea numbers.Excellent guitar & drum skill.Mr Mustaffa on guitar , Mr Tan Howe Qin on Bass Guitar and Eizaz on Drum.Keep it up! Performance by MTCS Teacher's Club Participation in Sek. Men. Keb.Bandar Baru Seri Petaling Chinese Singing Competition Pix 1-Mr Brien Chia from Malaysia Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and Eizaz from National Symphony Orchestra posing with students from SMK BB Seri Petaling Pix 2-Posing with SMK Bandar Baru Seri Petaling Chinese Singing Competition winner