This video was taken during our joint sponsorship with Standard Chartered Bank on 28th April 2009 at Sekolah Menengah Pendidikan Khas Cacat Penglihatan, Setapak. Eizaz has fun with the blind students and jams the John Lennon song 'Let It Be' without any rehearsal. The students really can play just by hearing along without mising any beats. All of them looks so excited for the next song!

These blind students are gifted with improvisation skills but for those out there, blessed with healthy eyes, please utilise it and don't create excuses that you have no time to practise. No time to read score, no time to polish or maintain your instruments, no time to perform, too shy to play - then what's the point of you coming for music lessons? If really force by parents and merely come to fulfill your parents wish, then you are just fooling around with time and money. We are here to teach you not only to play music but to become more indepedent in whatever you do. Treat music education as like your daily life. If you can create thousands of excuses not to practise your instruments than you also can create thousand of excuses not to do your school homework. If you can create excuses not to attend music class than you can create excuses for something else. So often, we hear from students ,"I want to stop music class because of school exams," and then they dissappear forever.They create excuse. How many students are really fall in love and understand music? Even the parents themselves create excuses and support their children. Now we know why Malaysia never produces champions in any fields, because to become a champion y ou must go through a lot of hard work and obstacles. Never give up under any circumstances.

We are not here not to teach you to create excuses, but we are here to teach you to become a problem solver! Your string just broke? Try to fix it by yourself. Instruments out of tune? Try to tune it yourself.

Never say the words, "don't know", "cannot", "not sure", "very hard" etc. These words will lead you to nowhere. You must say, "I will try my best", "OK", "no problem", "I'll check it out". These are positive words that lead you to somewhere. Imagine a blind man can play better than you? What is your excuse? Believe me, a little change will bring you tremendous results.


Oceaneve said...

The children at the school are absolutely amazing. Everyone of them are so full of spirit. I admire both teachers and students. The teachers are all so generous and wonderful too!
How I know?
:] I just do