Teacher Grace Tan Mini Recital organised by Mama Treble Clef Studio. The purpose for this mini recital is to encourage all the young students to perform in front of a crowd and at the same time gather around to discuss their passion and enthusiasm on violin education. We always emphasize on music students gathering, enable them to make friends and to form an ensemble or a band. Every teacher from Mama Treble Clef Studio will arrange a mini concert twice a year. From this mini recital , we can see them practise endlessly and try their best to face the crowd. We always believe that music education will grow based on four aspects;
1) Teacher. A teacher's role is to teach, inspire and correct mistakes.
2) Music School. The centre/school will give them a proper venue, motivation, organise concerts & workshops.
3) Friends. Friends give them support, offer companionship and become an audience.
4) Parents. Parents also give them encouragement, support and financial back up. These four aspects will either make or break the student, not only in music education but also towards other subjects.
Photo 2 - The principal of Mama Treble Clef Studio presenting a bouquet of flowers to Teacher Grace Tan after the mini recital. The participants also received a certificate of attendance from Allicia Lim. We would like to thank all the students, parents and teachers who took part in this recital. Thank you to Sook Luan, Voon Onn, Cheng Ping Xuan, Allicia, Grace Tan, Goh Li Fang, Qisthina, Chai Wei Qi, Kenneth Chin, Chia Tze San, Kevin Wong, Hooi Ching, Hui En, Eng Shen, Mandy Lee, Matthew Lee, Anindya and Eka. You played very well and keep up the good work!
Remember practice makes perfect. Cheers!