Yesterday is Teacher Alice Wong Musikgarten Mini Recital proudly present by Mama Treble Clef Studio.The participants seem to be very excited before their performance.We have kids as small as 5 years performing in this mini recital.We are proud to see all of them play very well, and the most important is the commitment and passion they shown during their performance.We would like to thanks the parents for their precious time and unconditional support towards the school and the children.With the co-operation between parents ,teachers and the school management towards Musikgarten programme ,we believe we can create a better understanding and inspiration among the students.We also would like to thank teacher Alice Wong for her great teaching and commitment toward this programme as well.Lastly to all participants -Goh Li Zhe , Lee Zi Jing , Hazel Chan , Lai Jing Ern , Eugene Phang , Chan Li Yen and Goh Li Fang keep up the good works and remember practise makes perfect.Together we make music education accessible to everyone.Thank you!