A Green Symphony, a musical concert that will be shown this coming 7th June 2009 did a Publicity & Awareness Campaign in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. The main objective of the campaign is to create awareness to the public about this event. I’m sure the show will be a great show & those who will be joining, will definitely enjoy themselves there.The campaign was pretty happening & hot yesterday. 8TV crew members also came to make the campaign more merrier with some contest going on in Jaya One and if you win the contest, you’ll get some prizes, cool? Yea, it is..The performance started by Madam Mayya Musaeva on keyboard and 2 violinist. Then there was a brass band that played few songs and followed by Mayya Musaeva by playing the violin. She played superb sound with the violin.It was indeed a fun & exciting preview with with the musicians. If you’re keen to join the musical concert,
do visit the “A Green Symphony” official blog now and get your ticket. The cheapest ticket for the night is only RM10!! The concert will beheld at Segi College, Kota Damansara, 7th June 2009.Later on, the last performance by Eizaz Azhar and the band made the entire place even high & hot by playing funky & modern music. It was all about the music and the entire lead musician was Eizaz Azhar. He played the saxophone & clarinet yesterday and everyone enjoyed the show.