I was introduced to the world of western music through MJ's album, Thriller, back in 1982. One of my favourite songs is 'Man in the Mirror', a song written about society and the people around him. I grew up with Micheal ,one of my childhood favourite singer, Micheal Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009 at the age of 51 years old in Los Angeles, USA. Born as Micheal Joseph Jackson, he was a greatly talented singer, composer, dancer,choreographer, producer and businessman.He started to sing in his Jackson 5 band at the age of 5 and by age 11, MJ was a superstar. At age 13 he went solo and had his first No.1 hit "Ben" (a touching love song to a rat). MJ was one of the artists who managed to combine rock, soul ,R 'n' B and modern music in all of his songs and I think his creativity and passion has influenced the music industry in the world tremendously.MJ famous hits includes thriller, bad, beat it, man in the mirror, billie jeans,heal the world,dangerous,black or white , rock with you ,earth song and etc I remember when he was in KL, I went to Concorde Hotel and saw him walking up to his Limo. I don't treat him like an idol nor I treat him like superstar - I just respect him as an honest artist, not his personality nor his private life. Whenever bad press statements about him were released, I ignored them all and just concentrated on his music. He is a genius who brought joy and happiness to all his fans around the world. I still prefer his 80s image and I believe that this black and white (11 years old) picture is Micheal's happiest moment, his face so innocent and naive.Research had shown that Micheal Jackson billie jean's moonwalking is more well-known that the first man walking on moon by American Astronaut Neil Armstrong.MJ had more than 700 million fans in the world.He is one of the few artist in the world who awarded the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice and a multiple Guiness World Record for the highest record sold and most successful entertainer at all time. Although he is no longer around but his songs will live forever.Your music will never die. May you rest in peace, King Of Pop!