Mama Treble Clef Studio would like to thank all students who performed at Teacher Zen Lee's mini recital on the 13th of June 2009. About 20 violin and piano students under Teacher Zen Lee participated in the recital and it is a good experience to all the new performers who showed a lot of courage in playing. All students performed well and did their best to showcase their talents. We would like to thank all parents for their unconditional support and encouragement towards their children. Well done to Koh Zi Xuan, Koh Hui Xian, Brian Lock , Yann Fuu, Eaimman, Qistina, Chow Catherine, Eve Ng, Lian Nikki & Lian Vickki, Preston Tan, Chee Wen Yi, Helena, Ker Yee Chien, Leong Xin Yi . Please remember, practise makes perfect. To Teacher Zen Lee; keep up the good teaching - music education requires a lot of collaboration and understanding between the teacher, school, parents and students. May this mini recital give your students more inspiration and motivation towards their music education. The recital ended with a guitar and vocal performance by Mr. Eizaz and Mr. Voon Onn singing 'Kau Ilhamku'.
*Picture by Ellie Chea
Together we make music education accessible to everyone!