Wilson Lema or 'Southern Spirit' was born in Ecuador, South America and is currently living in New York, USA. He is a full time performer for 12 years and has given many performances throughout USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. His major is in 3 instruments; the quena, quenacho, pan flute and cidar flute, all of them made of bamboo and cedar wood. The native American Flute is an instrument known for its simplicity, it focuses more in the spiritual realm than the technical. There's liberation in its limited five hole construction which frees the player to focus on deep levels of expression. His music ranges from pop, native American and Inca melodies. Basically his songs sound very traditional, soothing and soulful and are normally recorded in Nashville,Tennessee USA. His famous hits includes "Ancient Dreams", "Cherokee River", "Inca Trail", "Sacred Love" and "Dreams Of The Wind". His music is a testiment of his life and his ancestors. We hope that these songs serve as a tribute to the past and mother earth. May the hunting sound of the native American flute inspires you to step back from the busy world and contemplate the deep and lasting truths of our existance.


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