(picture shows the RTM2 crew shooting a TV programme with Brien Chia playing his clarinet for the World Stars: Road to Hollywood reality show recently. Brien Chia was one of the finalists for this programme and outclassed hundreds of hopefuls nationwide. For everybody's information Brien Chia is also a first clarinettist for the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and is talented in other instruments like guitar,p iano, saxophone and keyboard. Mama Treble Clef Studio Firstly, I'd like to introduce myself. You could call me Brien, and I'm a saxophone and clarinet teacher who's really proud to be affiliated with Mama Treble Clef Studios. I'm writing this to thank Mama Treble for inviting to be a contributor to their blog. As perhaps some of you may have known, Mama Treble Clef Studios has been expanding online. just google it to find out! And i am deeply honored to be able to contribute to this important development. How should i start? NOw as you can perhaps infer from the posts below mine, Mama Treble Clef Studios has been getting really active in providing quality oppurtunities for budding Malaysian music lovers to further learn, perform, and enjoy music, from all around the globe. My congrats to Miss Grace and her proteges for their successful event! Now isn't sharing the music what we all strive so hard for? Now, as for me, I've had a long and fruitful relationship with Mama Treble Clef Studios, and am assured with its quality of service, classes, and even sales! we here at Mama Treble Clef Studios emphasize on the upmost enjoyment and effectiveness in our teaching, and we strive to make sure that you, the student, or fellow performer, or concert attendee, or wannabe student, enjoy the best results and most memorable experiences from learning or playing or jamming with us. So, with the Upcoming "A Green Symphony" concert just around the corner, i'd urge all of you who so happen to glance by this blog, to come, and help us, and yourself, make music. signing out, Brien